If you are looking to purchase items on hire purchase terms in Kenya, there are chances you will come across Kenya Credit Traders as one of the most popular options. However, as is the case with other companies, it is vital to learn about KCT home of hire purchase. Investing time and effort before any financial decision is advisable to save you money in the long run. Here’s a comprehensive review of Kenya Credit Traders and why the dealer is popular in the country.

What makes KCT stand out among other hire purchase dealers

1.      Offering a wide variety of household items

One of the reasons why KCT is the home of hire purchase deals is the variety of items they offer on hire purchase terms. When you are looking to acquire household furniture such as dining sets, beds, sofa sets, and dining sets, Kenya Credit Traders is your dealer.

If you want to improve home entertainment by acquiring a Digital TV, a smart TV, or a home theater, KCT is your best option. When you plan to upgrade your kitchen by acquiring appliances such as fridge, chest freezers, cookers, microwaves, or gas cylinders, they are available at KCT. You can also acquire building materials and agriculture equipment at the dealer. Almost any item you need to make your home functional is available at Kenya Credit Traders.

2.      KCT has branches all over the country

Kenya Credit Traders aims to make hire purchases a hassle-free process for consumers. The process of finding items that are available is easier and more convenient considering that they have a website. The website lists out categories of various items and you can view them even before physically visiting a branch. They have shops all over the country. When you need assets, it is easier to acquire them by visiting a KCT branch near you.

3.      The company has the best hire purchase policies

One of the best reasons to choose a hire purchase deal is the chance to acquire assets even when you do not have all the cash. Kenya Credit Traders makes this possible by requiring between 10% and 15% as the down payment. The interest rates are also competitive and favorable, making hire purchase flexible and convenient for the buyers.

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