Hire purchase as an asset financing option for Kenyans is gaining popularity. The number of consumers embracing hire purchase to buy assets for home and business is on a steady rise. As more people learn the many benefits of hire purchase deals, the number is set to keep rising.

What is a hire purchase agreement?

Hire purchase agreements are beneficial to consumers looking for high-value assets but cannot afford a cash purchase. In a hire purchase agreement, one only requires paying a fraction of the cost to take home the asset. They get the right to use the assets as they pay the balance in the form of installments. After your last payment, the dealer will transfer the ownership rights and you become the owner of the assets.

Lives transformation through hire purchase in Kenya

Hire purchase dealers such as Kenya Credit Traders aim to transform lives for Kenyans by providing hire purchase solutions. Transformation is all about improving the quality of life in your home. In most cases, this involves purchasing big-ticket items such as appliances, quality furniture, home entertainment, and home improvement projects.

1.      Acquire quality items that improve your home

One of the ways in which Kenya Credit Traders is leading lives transformation through hire purchase in Kenya is by making items accessible and affordable. The chance to pay for items over a duration makes items that would be out of reach affordable. When you want to spend on furniture to improve your living space, you do not have to settle for cheap, low-quality assets, just to stay within the budget. Hire purchase offers you the chance to improve your living space, and thus the quality of life by ensuring you acquire quality furniture for your home.

2.      Flexible hire purchase terms

Another reason to consider hire purchase deals with KCT is the fact that they offer flexible hire purchase terms. When looking to add assets to your home, the best hire purchase dealer works with you to find a custom agreement. The contract terms are flexible and you can choose the duration of the hire purchase agreement. This in turn determines the amount one pays in installments.

3.      Better cash management

Hire purchase not only helps you with acquiring assets but also improves your financial management. When you spread the cost of assets, you only pay a small fraction every month. You are thus left with enough cash for your expenditure, savings, and money for any emerging issues.

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