A water dispenser is becoming an almost indispensable appliance in your home or office. The many benefits that come with these appliances make them a worthy investment for any individual or business. Your employees or family will stay hydrated at all times regardless of the weather. You are presented with many choices when in the market for one. However, here are useful ideas to guide you and ensure you get value for your money.

Considerations when purchasing water dispensers

Features of the water dispensers

Before investing in any water dispenser, there is a need to understand its features. If you are in hot areas around the country, you might need to invest in a cold-water dispenser. In the case of shoppers in cold areas, a hot water dispenser will be the ideal choice. However, there is a better choice in the form of hot and cold water dispensers. Depending on your needs, ensure that the appliance you invest in serves the required purpose.


There is a variety of brands for one to choose from when in the market. However, different brands will offer different experiences when you choose them. The brands also come at varying prices. One should ensure that a brand that they pick will serve their intentions. Check online reviews to understand the pros and cons of each brand. One of the best brands to purchase in Kenya is Ramtons. They have different models at a variety of prices.

Price and payment options

One will always have a budget when in the market for a water dispenser. The total cost of the dispenser mainly depends on its features. The models dispensing both cold and hot water will cost more than an ordinary water dispenser. One of the best reasons to choose Kenya Credit Traders Limited is that we allow you to purchase on hire purchase terms. This means you can split the cost over a duration of time and allows you to acquire the dispenser before paying its full cost.

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