Hire purchase continues to take the Kenyan financing market by storm. The number of consumers opting for hire purchase agreements is on the rise as more people understand how hire purchase works. The many benefits of hire purchase contracts in comparison to other financing options is also part of the reasons why more people keep adapting hire purchases. However, one might be curious to know hire purchase innovations to expect. If you are looking to understand the future of this financing model, it is imperative to first understand the growth in the past.

The Rise of Hire Purchase Agreements

Hire purchase has without a doubt seen transformation in comparison to previous years. There are more consumers and businesses signing hire purchase agreements than in the past. This can be attributed to several factors.

One of the reasons behind hire purchase growth is the internet. More people have learned about online shopping and the benefits it offers. Online shopping offers customers the chance to shop without time or location limitations. As long as you have an internet connection, you just get online and find items you plan to purchase. It is the same case with hire purchase deals. Nowadays a customer can easily find information about hire purchase deals online and understand how the agreements work.

Hire purchase has also seen a lot of growth in recent times as a result of the wide scope of items available on hire purchase terms. In the past, hire purchase was mainly commercial, where it was for businesses looking to acquire machinery. Individuals looking to acquire high-ticket items such as cars and land also benefitted from hire purchase. However, in modern times, there is a wide variety of items available on hire purchase terms. Phones, furniture, appliances, TVs, Motorbikes, and many other items are readily available to the modern consumer.

The Future of Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is likely to keep evolving as technology keeps changing every day. In modern times, some of hire purchase agreements processes require physical presence. However, in the future, it is more likely that everything will be done online. Customers can provide and upload documents, sign the agreement online, and wait for delivery at the doorstep. More software development will also make the payment process seamless, ensuring that buyers do not incur penalties as a result of late payments. Artificial intelligence is also becoming common. It may affect hire purchase.

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