Are you looking for the best hire purchase company or trader in Kenya? Search no more, because Kenya Credit Traders Limited has already made your life easy. Read on to understand how to settle for the best vendor.It is true that some hire purchase traders in Kenya have fleeced innocent shoppers. For this reason, we educate you on the process of finding the best hire-purchase trader. When you have found one, you know that your money will go into a fruitful venture.

Research Widely

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make with hire purchase traders is a failure to research. You are highly encouraged to do a thorough homework. The last thing you want is to purchase faulty goods or highly-priced items from a blacklisted vendor.Ask your friends, family members and colleagues for the best hire-purchase
trader in Kenya. If the name Kenya Credit Traders Limited pops up several times, you know that it is a trusted company. Go ahead and do business with them.

Visit the Vendor’s Website

From the comfort of your home or office, browse different items listed on the vendor’s website or social media platforms. However, do not rely on this as the only way to collect information. Note that some traders take pictures of items and then edit them in Photoshop to make the item look newer and glossier hence making it pricier.
People who have used hire purchase in Kenya will tell you its benefits and drawbacks if any.More importantly, visiting the actual brick and mortar shop allows you to have the feel of the item before you take it away.

Go to the Actual Shop

Here is another mistake that people commonly make when buying from a hire purchaser. They rely on the information posted on websites and social media pages too much. Instead, visit the actual shop and chat with the customer representative. Ask as many questions as possible. Do not be in a hurry to buy from the first shop that you visit. Leave your contact details if the vendor asks and head to another shop. If you must, write down the various prices of the goods sold at various shops and then compare them. Be sure to note any varying specifications or features in different items.

Inspect the Ownership and Registration

You will have nobody to blame if the vendor fails to observe the stipulations of your hire purchase agreement. To avoid doing business with conmen, inspect the business licences as well as registration documents. When you visit any shop belonging to Kenya Credit Traders Limited, you will have access to all regulatory permits needed. That is how you know your purchase agreement is in safe hands. Ensure that the company is mandated by the relevant authority to transact hire purchase business.

Warranty and Insurance

Is the product you are buying covered by a warranty? Just like any other mode of payment, hire purchase should provide a generous yet comprehensive guarantee and insurance for items bought. To make the most use of hire purchase options, visit Kenya Credit Traders Limited today.