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Commercial blenders are not created equal. You will have a broad variety of blenders to choose from when in the market to find one. Having so many options can complicate the process of finding the best one. Here are some useful tips to guide you and help you make the right decisions.

Types of blenders

Before one ventures into the market to purchase blenders, there is a need to define their use. Identifying what you will be blending makes the process of finding the ideal blender easier. Commercial blenders are usually categorized into two main types; bar blenders and food blenders.

Bar blenders are the ideal option if you are looking to make smoothies or blended cocktails. Most of these blenders come with high enough horsepower for your blending and a simple on/off switch.

Food blenders, on the other hand, handle more functions, unlike bar blenders. The food blenders can emulsify ingredients for dressings or sauce, chop fresh vegetables for salsa and even grind grains into flour.

Types of blender containers

The blender container is a vital part of the appliance, and it can be made of one of these three materials: glass, polycarbonate, and stainless steel. Stainless steel containers are the most durable, considering that they don’t crack with ease. They can also handle a wide range of temperatures. Polycarbonate blender containers are not only lightweight, but they are also virtually indestructible material. The fact that they are also transparent makes them the most popular option in the market.

Blender power

The reason you are purchasing a blender allows you to find the ideal power. For customers looking for large foodservice operations, you need blenders with higher horsepower then in the case of a person buying a blender to use at home.


The capacity of the commercial blenders is arguably one of the overlooked factors. The size of the container determines the capacity of drinks that you can make in a single batch. Finding the right size will help minimize waste and even save your time.

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Credit trading involves a business providing a line of credit to its customers when purchasing goods or seeking services. While credit buying is considered less formal when compared to bank loans, it also comes with terms and conditions that the buyer agrees to follow. This includes penalties in the case of late payments as well as interest. This arrangement is mutually beneficial to both the buyer and the seller. While the businesses use this payment option to drive sales, customers on the other hand have access to acquire different assets even when they do not have the cash at hand. Here are some reasons to choose credit trading.

It helps you to get up and running

Purchasing items on credit can be useful especially when you are looking for assets but do not have the cash to pay upfront. If you are running a new business and you can’t secure loans to fund the purchase of assets, you can opt for credit buying to acquire them through credit buying. If you relocated or recently purchased a home and you do not have all the cash to purchase household furniture, credit buying will be the best bet.

Easy to arrange

Unlike in the case of bank loans or other financing options, credit buying is easy to arrange. When one has a good credit history and documents to prove that they are able to make regular payments, credit trading is easy to arrange and maintain. The formal arrangements and paperwork are few and easy to handle and complete.

Helps fuel business growth

Businesses that opt to utilize trade credit can also expect growth. Acquiring assets even when you do not have all the cash is equivalent to accessing working capital at no cost. You will benefit from the asset while looking for the money to pay for it.

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Purchasing a semi-automatic twin tub washing machine will definitely work to enhance your laundry experience. Investing in one will certainly work to save the time you spend on laundry. You will not lack options when in the market for a washing machine. However, various models are created differently, and they will produce different experiences when you use them.

Top Considerations When Choosing A Washing Machine

Before spending on a washing machine, there is a need to check the following aspects.

1.      Size and capacity

Before you choose to add any appliance to your home, it is essential to check whether there is sufficient space to store it. The size of the washing machine is thus part of the basic considerations. One needs to make sure that the machine can fit in the house comfortably.

The load capacity is considered the most important aspect when choosing a washing machine. Load capacity is measured in kilograms and correlated with the number of family members. One needs to ensure that the washing machine can comfortably clean the clothes in a single wash cycle.

2.      Budget and payment options

The cost of the washing machines is also part of the primary considerations. One is likely to have a budget in place before getting into the market. Choosing cheap washing might mean that you will compromise on the quality or features. However, you do not need to overpay to acquire a washing machine. Always ensure that you get value for your money when purchasing a washing machine.

Some dealers will only accept cash payments for washing machines. However, recent times have seen dealers, such as Kenya Credit Traders Limited, accept hire purchase payments in Kenya, commonly known as Lipa Mdogo Mdogo. You only need to pay a deposit, which is a fraction of the total cost of the washing machine. You can clear the balance later, depending on the contract, after acquiring the washing machine.

3.      Fully-automatic vs semi-automatic twin tub washing machines

Fully-automatic washing machines come with appealing features and technology. One just requires placing the clothes and pressing the start button. The machine will handle the laundry process without any human intervention.

On the other hand, a semi-automatic twin tub washing machine requires some intervention. You need to add water and detergent to the washing tub. After completing the washing cycle, the machine will make a buzzing sound. This alerts you to take out all the clothes to the dryer section. The best part about these models is that they come at affordable prices and also give you more control over the washing process.

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Hire purchase, as well as term loans, are options when one is looking for financing. Whether you are out to buy assets for your home or business, you will be keen to learn about available financing options.

Assets such as Smart and digital TVs, home furniture, smartphones, or a fridge might prove costly. Hire purchase offers you the chance to acquire these items at a fraction of the total cost. The balance is usually paid in monthly installments.

On the other hand, you can obtain a loan from an accredited financial institution such as a Sacco, a bank, or even an online or mobile service lenders such as M-Shwari. In some cases, you will need to provide collateral for the loan. After obtaining the loan, you can use the cash to purchase the item you desire.

Differences between Hire Purchase and term loans


When you choose hire purchase to finance assets for your home or business, you will obtain full ownership of the items after paying the last installment. This means that the buyer can resell the items if they run into financial problems. On the other hand, when you obtain a loan and purchase the items in cash, you get full ownership of the items. You will thus have the ability to resell the items whenever the need arises.

While hire purchase doesn’t give full ownership of the items immediately after purchase, it still has some benefits. You will acquire the items immediately and have a chance to use them before making the last payment. If you are looking for a microwave, you have a chance to enjoy warm food while you clear the balance.

The total cost of the asset

The cost of assets to the buyer when they choose to hire purchase is the normal cash price plus the HP interest. The interest charged is usually favorable considering the duration that one is allowed before fully paying for the asset.

On the other hand, loans can be exploitive due to the high interests charged. In most cases, if you are looking for short-term loans, they do not require collateral. However, the loans come with high-interest rates. This will only make an asset more expensive.

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You will need to invest in home furniture at some point in life. When you purchase or build a new home, you will need to invest in quality furniture to enhance comfortability in the home. When you are relocating to a bigger house, you might also need to buy new furniture. One can also be on the market for new assets when they intend to replace old furniture. Irrespective of the reason why one requires new furniture, It is essential to ensure that you make the right decisions when in the market.

Considerations when purchasing new furniture

Here are some essential tips to help you make the best decisions when investing in new furniture.

1.      Consider looking for furniture online

Online shopping is without a doubt one of the best inventions of our time. Finding products through the internet not only saves your time, but it ensures you can find a broad range of items from the comfort of your home or office. The best dealers such as Kenya Credit Traders Limited allow you to purchase items before delivering them to an office near you. You have the chance of getting the best deals if you choose to find furniture online.

2.      Learn the quality of the furniture

It is always tempting for one to focus on the price of furniture at the expense of other essential factors. However, quality is one of the vital areas to keep an eye on. One will want to invest in furniture that will last for years. In most cases, the quality of the furniture is dependent on the type of wood used to make the furniture. Mahogany, Teak, and maple wood types are known for making durable home furniture.

3.      Consider the cost and payment options

One of the most essential aspects to focus on when shopping for home furniture in Kenya is your budget. Having a budget is the surest way to avoid running into financial troubles later. Do not focus a lot on finding cheap furniture as this might mean you will compromise on the quality. On the other hand, one should not overpay to buy furniture.

Financing is one area of concern when looking for new furniture. In modern times, Lipa Mdogo mdogo, or hire purchase, is the best payment option. This allows you to pay a fraction of the total cost to get the furniture. You can enjoy the benefits that come with the sofas, dining tables, Mahogany beds, or coffee set while you make monthly installments payments to acquire full ownership.

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A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is an essential addition when you are looking to keep your home or business clean. If you run a cleaning business, this is an asset that you might need to invest in. With different types of floors that one needs to clean, there is a need to focus on different types of vacuum cleaners to identify the right one.

The upright vacuum cleaners are considered an ideal option since they can clean almost every type of flooring. While the wet and dry vacuum cleaner is ideal for carpeted areas, it also comes with adjustable heights, allowing you to clean hardwood floors as well. Additional features of these cleaners also help with spot treatments apart from floor cleaning.

How to identify the best vacuum cleaner to purchase

You will not be short of choices when looking for a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to purchase. However, there is a need to keep the following aspects in mind.

1.      Size

One needs to consider the size of the vacuum cleaner before purchasing. Some vacuum cleaners are bulky and difficult to store. However, these cleaners tend to be the most powerful. Brands such as Ramtons have developed a portable vacuum cleaner that is powerful enough to handle almost any cleaning task.

2.      Power

Wattage is also part of the basic considerations when in the market for a vacuum cleaner. Before investing in any cleaner, one needs to ensure that it can handle the job they intend to use it for. The higher the wattage rating, the more powerful the suction from the cleaner.

3.      Features

It is also vital to check on the features that come with the vacuum cleaner you intend to purchase. The features have an effect on the height, weight, and ability of your vacuum cleaner. While you will not need all the additional accessories at all times, there are instances when they will be handy.

4.      Cost and payment options

When looking for a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you will always have a budget to guide you. One can expect to pay more for vacuum cleaners with extra features. However, this doesn’t mean that you should overpay.

One of the best reasons to shop at Kenya Credit Traders Limited is that we offer hire purchase terms for different items. This means that you can acquire a vacuum cleaner at a fraction of the total cost. You will enjoy the benefits that come with the vacuum cleaner as you make monthly payments and finally acquire full ownership.

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Hire purchase is one of the oldest payment options in Kenya. In fact, the Hire Purchase Act 1 was enacted in 1968 and was implemented on 2nd November 1970. However, it has evolved in modern times due to new market dynamics. In the past, hire purchases usually focused on business assets, but in modern times, it is possible to even acquire a mobile phone on hire purchase.

Why Hire Purchase Is A Favorable Payment Method

There are a variety of benefits that hire purchase offers to the seller as well as the hirer.

Benefits Of Hire Purchase To The Buyer (Hirer)

If you choose to buy goods on hire purchase, you will enjoy the chance to reap the benefits of the assets even before they own them. Immediately after you pay the deposit, the seller delivers the assets, allowing you to utilize them. Upon paying the last installment, you gain ownership of the item.

The buy also has the chance to plan their finances when they choose this payment method. The best traders such as Kenya Credit Traders Limited will allow you to agree to a fixed term and deposit that is favorable. The interest rate and installments are fixed, thus allowing you to conveniently plan for your finances.

Unlike other financing options such as loans, overdrafts, or credit cards, when you choose to hire purchase, you enjoy lower interest rates. This saves your money in the long run.

Benefits of hire purchase to the sellers

The major benefit of hire purchase to the sellers is that they can enhance sales as well as profits. The convenience that buyers enjoy when they choose this payment method definitely encourages them to make purchases. The interest charged on products also works to increase the profits.

Lipa Mdogo Mdogo, as hire purchase is commonly referred to in Kenya, allows you to purchase assets for your home or even business. At Kenya Credit Traders, we offer a broad variety of products ranging from Dining tables, beds, TVs, Solar panels, and Mobile phones to refrigerators and microwaves.

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A 90L single-door fridge is a worthy addition to any home or office in modern times. In your home, this fridge will ensure that you keep your products fresh before consumption. Some of the farm produces we use in our homes are perishable, and need refrigeration to stay fresh. Other products such as soft drinks are better when served cold, thus the need for one to invest in a fridge.

Reasons to consider investing in a 90L single-door fridge

You will always have options when in the market for a refrigerator. However, the 90L Ramtons model stands out due to the many benefits that it offers.

1.      Affordability

When one is in the market for a fridge to add to their home or office, there is no doubt they will consider the cost of the product. The 90L fridge is one of the most affordable models on the market. The best part is that leading dealers such as Kenya Credit Traders Limited allow you to purchase a fridge on hire purchase terms. You can have the products delivered to you at a fraction of the total cost. You will enjoy the benefits of the single-door fridge while you make monthly payments before acquiring full ownership.

2.      Size

Before you invest in any fridge, one needs to determine the amount of space available in your home or office. While the 90L fridge can hold a lot of items at once, it comes in the most compact size that can fit in any home or office. You do not need to get rid of other appliances to add this fridge to your home.

3.      Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is, without doubt, a top consideration for any homeowner in the market for a fridge. You do not have to worry about high electricity bills if you make the right choice and invest in this 90L single-door fridge since it is one of the most energy-efficient models.

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When you require one, two, or more cups of coffee to get going in the morning, there is a need to invest in the right machine for the job. A coffee maker makes the work of preparing coffee easier, saving your time every morning. However, with the many models and brands available on the market, finding the right one to invest in might be a daunting task for any person.

Areas of concern when picking a coffee maker

There is a lot one needs to consider before choosing a given coffee maker. However, here are the primary aspects to focus on.

1.      Functionality

The features that come with the appliance are part of the key aspects to focus on. Some of the modern coffee-making machines are programmable. This means that you can have your coffee ready every day when you wake up. The less automated coffee makers might not offer this level of convenience. However, one should be able to operate them with a push of a few buttons. In the case of manual machines, they will require your full attention if you want to obtain the perfect coffee.

2.      Size

While the size of the coffee maker doesn’t necessarily determine the amount of coffee that it can brew, it is still part of the essential considerations. Before investing in one, there is a need to determine whether you have sufficient space for the appliance in your kitchen.

3.      Extra features

One needs to select the coffee-making machines depending on how they like or take their coffee. If you will need to make coffee for just yourself, a single-serve machine will be your ideal choice. In a case of a big family, there is a need to find larger models that can brew 10 to 12 cups. If you will be taking more than one cup, it is advisable to find models with insulated mugs or carafes to keep your coffee hot and fresh-tasting for hours.

4.      Pricing

Cost is without doubt part of vital the considerations before purchasing any coffee-making machine. Ensure that you get value for your money before purchasing one. The best dealers such as Kenya Credit Traders sell the coffee makers on hire purchase terms.

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Every homeowner who has invested in home appliances will be keen to protect them from damage. A fridge protector is an essential addition if you recently invested in a fridge. When you consider the worth of your fridge, TV, microwave, or washer, you will be eager to find a guard to protect them from electrical surges.

Considerations when out to purchase a fridge guard

You will not lack options when looking for the best fridge protectors to purchase. However, every homeowner wants to get value for their money, and here are some crucial considerations.

1.      Wattage

The primary purpose of the fridge protector is to protect your refrigerator from a power surge or instances of low voltage. It is thus essential to find a fridge guard that can handle heavy power loads. Checking the wattage rating of the guard is the best way to learn if it can handle the power requirements of your refrigerator. The higher the wattage rating of a given guard the better protection it offers to your fridge due to better power output.

2.      Delay timer

Most surge protectors in modern times come with a delay timer function which is very essential. The primary purpose of the delay timer is to ensure that your fridge doesn’t start up right away after an electric surge. This function is useful, especially in the case of multiple electrical surges. The best fridge guards come with at least a half a minute delay.

3.      Warranty

While the basic reason you are purchasing a fridge protector is to protect your fridge from a power surge, it should also be reliable and durable. The best fridge guard should be able to withstand electrical surges. The best brands usually offer a warranty for surge protectors.

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