Hire purchase is one of the best financing options when one is unable to pay for assets upfront. When looking to purchase expensive items such as furniture, electronics, or kitchen appliances, hire purchase stands out as the best option.

Why Hire Purchase Assets

There are plenty of reasons to settle for hire purchase when looking to purchase assets. One such benefit is access to quality assets. Hire purchase allows you to acquire assets that might be out of reach when one opts to purchase in cash.

Another benefit of hire purchase is allowing the buyer to spread the cost. By paying for the assets in installments, one spreads the cost over a given duration. This also allows one to plan their finances since installments are fixed.

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Finding The Best Hire Purchase Company

The emergence of hire purchase as a way to acquire assets in Kenya has seen growth in the number of hire purchase companies. This means that a buyer will find themselves with plenty of options. This can make the process of determining the right hire purchase provider daunting. Here are some useful tips.

1.      A valid license

Before opting to acquire goods on hire purchase terms from a given dealer, there is a need to determine whether they are licensed. A license implies that the company’s operations are regulated by the country’s hire purchase act. This enhances the chances of a buyer getting quality services from the hire purchase dealer. One of the best reasons to make Kenya Credit Traders your hire purchase partner is that the company has a valid license.

2.      Reputation

Before settling for any Lipa pole pole company, it is also vital to learn whether the dealer is reliable. One can only determine the reputation of a given hire purchase dealer through customers who have interacted with the dealer in the past. Check the company’s social media handles, online ratings, and testimonials before settling on a hire purchase provider.

3.      Ease of access

The hire purchase company should also be accessible to you before you opt to hire and buy assets from them. A company with a countrywide presence makes acquiring assets for you easier. Another benefit of making Kenya Credit Traders your hire purchase partner is that we have many branches around the country. When you select assets to hire online, we deliver them to a branch near you.

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