Hire purchase remains one of the best options for buyers looking to purchase high-value assets. Vehicles, land, electronic gadgets, appliances, and furniture are part of the items most homeowners acquire on hire purchase terms. Kenya Credit Traders, KCT, is one of the leading hire purchase dealers in Kenya.

The Rise of Payment Plans

Hire purchase is increasingly becoming popular among consumers. The rise of hire purchase as well as payment plans is a result of several factors. Firstly, the cost of most products has skyrocketed and this makes it hard for most consumers to acquire products and pay upfront. A good phone, a smart TV, a refrigerator, or furniture costs tens of thousands. It is thus out of reach for most homeowners if cash payment is the only payment plan available.

Secondly, consumers are choosing hire purchase as a way to manage their cash flow. With hire purchase, consumers have a chance to spread the cost of items. The periodic payments give consumers control over their finances and they can easily budget ahead since the payments are fixed.

Thirdly, hire purchase and payment plans enhance affordability. The primary aim of hire purchase deals with KCT is financial inclusivity. Low deposits, as low as 15% of the cost of items, and flexible installments ensure that items that would otherwise prove out of reach for consumers are now affordable.

Flexibility And Innovation in Payment Structures With KCT

One of the strengths of choosing a hire purchase deal with KCT is the flexibility in making the payments. Kenya Credit Traders listens to the customers’ needs while determining the best hire purchase agreement for them. Some customers prefer to have a lengthy hire purchase agreement which allows them to make low monthly payments. Other customers want to complete payments faster and choose a shorter duration. Depending on your income and preference, you can benefit from flexibility when you opt for a payment plan.

Innovation is also part of the hire purchase deals at KCT. One of the ways innovations is utilized to benefit a customer is by ensuring they can easily find items available at the KCT branches through the website. Easier payment plans and platforms such as M-Pesa are also incorporated into the hire purchase plans ensuring that you benefit from the flexibility and innovation in payment structures. Learn more about our hire purchase deals on our Facebook Page.