Every homeowner requires acquiring household goods at some point in life. There are numerous electronics and appliances that we require to make our lives more comfortable in our homes. A refrigerator ensures there is a cold drink available to your family, especially during the hot and sunny summers. It also helps keep farm produce and other perishable foods fresh. We need dishwashers in our kitchen as well as keep our dishes clean. Investing in quality furniture not only makes your home functional but also adds to the value of your home.

What is lipa mdogo mdogo?

Lipa pole pole or lipa mdogo mdogo is now one of the favorite ways to acquire assets or appliances in Kenya. There are plenty of online stores as well as physical shops selling their goods on lipa pole pole terms. You can acquire almost any asset in Kenya using lipa mdogo mdogo, from smartphones to boda boda and cars. But what is lipa mdogo mdogo?

Lipa mdogo mdogo is another name for hire purchase agreements in Kenya. It is a credit agreement where one pays a down payment for an asset they intend to purchase and then clear the balance in the form of periodic payments known as installments.

How to use lipa mdogo mdogo to acquire household goods

Hire purchase is one of the best ways to acquire assets in modern times, especially when everybody is experiencing financial strain. There are plenty of reasons to settle for lipa mdogo mdogo to acquire household goods.

With lipa mdogo mdogo, you only require as low as 10% of the total value of the household goods you intend to buy. Immediately after paying the 10%, you can acquire the asset and use it in your home or office. However, you do not become the owner of the items until you pay the last installment.

Why use lipa mdogo mdogo to acquire goods

The biggest benefit of lipa pole pole deals is that they allow you to spread the cost of the items you are purchasing. You do not have to spend your entire salary or savings on a given household item while you can spread the cost over a long duration. The best part about a hire purchase agreement is that you agree to the terms of the payments with the seller and this allows you to get the best possible deal.

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