Consumer finance is when a business provides financing options to customers using its funds. With consumer financing options, the business ensures that the consumer can purchase items that would not be affordable to them. It also ensures that consumers can access a wide variety of household items without using their immediate funds.

In Kenya, there is a growth in the number of consumers acquiring a variety of items through consumer financing. Hire purchase deals are becoming popular for mobile phones, TVs, electronics, and appliances. It is also possible to acquire household furniture in Kenya using hire purchase. This is made possible by Kenya Credit Traders 15% consumer finance. The 15% deposit scheme has made a revolution by enhancing affordability.

What Is Kenya Credit Traders 15% Consumer Finance?

The 15% consumer finance plan by Kenya Credit Traders aims at improving the financial inclusivity and affordability of household items. It means that a consumer no longer needs to wait until they have saved enough to purchase items in cash. If you are looking to improve your home by purchasing a dining set, sofas, or other household furniture, you will only require 15% of the total cost. After paying the 15%, the items are delivered to a shop near you. You will have access to the items, and use them while making repayments to clear the balance.

Benefits Of The 15% Deposit Scheme By KCT

There are plenty of reasons to consider a hire purchase deal when purchasing items for your home. The number one benefit of a 15% deposit plan is access to quality products. By only paying a fraction of the total cost, you can access a wide variety of quality items that you require to improve your quality of life. Unlike in the case of a cash purchase where your budget is limited a hire purchase plan enhances affordability and also ensures you do not settle for low-quality cheap products.

It is also advisable to opt for hire purchase deals as they enhance proper planning for your finances. When one signs the hire purchase deal, the repayments remain the same until completion of the deal. This makes it possible to budget your finances.

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