Are you looking for a convenient way to purchase assets in modern times? There is no better option than utilizing malipo ya pole pole. There are plenty of reasons to consider this payment method to purchase a wide variety of items you need to enhance your quality of life.

What is malipo ya pole pole

You might have heard about lipa later products or lipa mdogo mdogo products in the Kenyan market. These are usually marketing names that refer to hire purchase agreements. In these agreements, a buyer looking for assets to purchase pays a deposit which acts as a hiring fee. The buyer then pays for the items they acquired in periodic payments known as installments. In modern times, installments can be daily, weekly, or monthly payments.

Why settle for Malipo ya pole pole with KCT

Kenya Credit Traders, KCT, is one of the leading hire purchase dealers in the country. They offer a wide range of products that buyers can acquire by paying a small amount of cash in the form of a deposit. After making the payment, one acquires the products immediately for their use. However, the dealer remains the owner of the assets until when the buyer makes the total payment for the items.

The number one reason to utilize the lipa mdogo mdogo option when purchasing assets is the chance to spread the cost of the products. At times, an asset that you require might be equal to your monthly salary. If you purchase it in cash, it means you use all your salary to purchase the product. In that case, you will not be left with money to pay for other bills and expenses. With lipa later products, you will only pay a fraction of your salary as the deposit and a smaller fraction as monthly payments, allowing you to spread the cost over a long duration.

Another reason to consider malipo ya pole pole when buying household goods is the chance to enjoy flexible payment terms. In most cases, the hire purchase agreement is formulated by the seller but in consideration of the buyer’s financial status or income. You have a chance to haggle to get better repayment deal and even save money when using a hire purchase to buy assets.

The best part about lipa pole pole is that you acquire the items immediately after paying the deposit. You do not have to wait until you have enough cash to buy a given asset in cash while you can pay a fraction of the total cost and make the payments as you use the items.

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