We all require purchasing household goods at some point in our lives. When one constructs a new home, one will need to invest in quality household goods. One might also opt to upgrade the existing household goods after relocating to a new house.

Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Options

When out to buy household goods, any homeowner will be eager to learn the available options. Apart from the quality of the assets and the price, one will also want to find out the payment options available to them. There are dealerships that only take cash payments for the items. However, in modern times, lipa mdogo mdogo is becoming a favorite way to pay for assets.

Lipa mdogo mdogo is another name for hire purchase deals in Kenya. In this payment mode, the buyer is only required to pay a fraction of the total cost of the household goods they seek to acquire. After this payment, known as a down payment, one acquires the items immediately for their use. The seller however remains the owner of the assets while the buyer is known as the hirer. You will need to make periodic payments to complete payments for the assets. After the last payment, you become the owner of the goods.

Advantages Of Lipa Mdogo Mdogo

There are plenty of reasons to choose lipa mdogo mdogo options offered by leading companies such as Kenya Credit Traders due to the many advantages of this payment method.

The number one reason to use lipa mdogo mdogo to buy household goods is that you will not need all the cash to buy a given item. You just need a fraction of the total cost of the item you intend to purchase to acquire it. This makes it possible to acquire new models with better features as you do not have to pay in cash.

Another reason to choose lipa pole pole to purchase household goods is that you will own the asset at the end of the agreement. Other hiring options such as a lease do not allow you to own assets but you return them to the seller at the end of the agreement. Lipa pole pole on the other hand allows you to become the owner of the assets immediately after paying the last installment.

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