One of the essential appliances we need in a modern kitchen is a refrigerator. A 90L double door fridge is a perfect addition to any kitchen, considering that it helps keep perishable products fresh.

You will always have choices when in the market for a new refrigerator. Having so many choices make the task of selecting the ideal one for your home a huge task. Keep reading to find useful tips to guide you when out to add a fridge to your kitchen.

Consideration When Purchasing A 90L Double Door Fridge in Kenya

1.      The cost

You will always have a budget to guide you when buying a new fridge for your home. Every homeowner aims at saving cash before they purchase any product. In the case of a double door fridge, looking for only cheap products might mean that you compromise the quality. However, this doesn’t mean that you overpay. Always focus on getting value for your money.

2.      Payment methods

Apart from the buying cost, one also needs to check available payment methods. In modern times, more people choose dealers such as Kenya Credit Traders Limited that allow you to acquire products on Hire purchase terms. This allows you to acquire a fridge at a fraction of the total cost. You have the chance to utilize the fridge even before you acquire its full ownership.

3.      Features

One should never ignore the basic and essential features when out to purchase a fridge. Some features such as an ice maker might seem convenient, but they will mean that you pay more for the fridge. The features also determine the efficiency of the fridge. Some fridges come with separate compartments for storing different types of foods.

4.      Size

One needs to determine the size of a fridge that will suit their home before investing in one. The size of the fridges is usually listed in liters. This Ramtons 90L double door fridge will be ideal for a small family. Larger families will opt for a fridge with higher capacity, and its price is also higher when compared to the small ones.


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