A bed is one of the assets we all require to purchase at some point in life. Beds are our favorite resting spot after all the hassles we encounter during the day. Laying in bed helps you find peace of mind and comfort after a busy day. It is thus vital to find a bed that just helps you achieve this goal.

Double Decker Beds

Double decker beds are one of the best options especially when looking for a bed that can accommodate your family. If you have kids, a double decker bed will come with plenty of benefits. Here are some of the benefits:

·         Saves on floor space

The number one reason why one would choose a double decker bed is that they help you save a lot of space. When you have limited capacity in your home, you want to arrange items in a way that they won’t look congested. In the case of double decker beds, the beds are stacked on each other, saving you plenty of space.

·         Maximizes sleep spaces

Having two beds is always better than having one. Even when you do not intend to purchase the bed for your kids, it is still a useful asset if you have visitors coming to sleep over.

·         Cost effective

Double decker beds can save you money in the long run. At KCT, we have metallic beds, and this makes them durable. When you invest in them, you will acquire beds that will last for years. When you have kids sharing rooms, you do not need to purchase another bed since they can utilize a bunk bed.

·         Easy customization

These beds can also be customized to suit your needs. There are double-decker beds that can also be converted to sofa sets. There are beds that come with drawers. You can also choose from a variety of stairs design.

Is Hire Purchase A Good Option For Purchasing A Bed?

When in the market for a bed, you will realize that quality beds in Kenya cost you tens of thousands. Paying such an amount upfront might prove a difficult task, especially in the current economic times. This makes hire purchase worth your consideration.

With a hire purchase, one only pays 10% of the total cost to the dealer. You will clear the balance within the agreed duration in the form of installments. This helps you spread the cost and leaves you with cash to spend on other expenses.

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