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Hire Purchase Vs Lease – Which One Is Right for You?

Leasing and hire purchase are some of the asset financing options available in the modern market. Most of the items we aspire to own in modern times can be expensive. From smartphones, kitchenware, electronics, and even solar products, we might not have enough money to make cash payments.

When you choose to hire purchase, you immediately gain possession of the asset after making the down payment. You will have the chance to utilize the item before making full payment. This is one of the major benefits of hire purchase.

Leasing, on the other hand, is a contractual agreement where you pay the lessor to use their asset. The payments are made within a given period of time. Here we explore the major differences between the two financing options.

The decision on the financing option to take depends mostly on the value of a given asset. Lease agreements are ideal for costly assets such as machinery, land, and property. Lease agreements are usually between two businesses. Hire purchase is ideal for less costly items such as household furniture, and electronics.

Differences between leasing and hire purchase


When you purchase furniture, TVs, kitchen appliances, or any other assets on hire purchase terms, you acquire possession immediately you make the down payment. One is also required to make monthly payments to fully acquire ownership of the items. On the other hand, at no point does one becomes the owner of the asset in a lease agreement unless it is a rent-to-own agreement. One will have to buy the asset before the expiry of the lease.

Upfront payments

When you buy items on hire purchase, you require paying a fraction of the total cost as the down payment. This is called the principal amount. One needs to clear the total cost by paying monthly installments. On the contrary, one doesn’t require a down payment when it comes to leasing.


The value of a given asset is one of the primary considerations when choosing between hire purchase and lease.

Lease agreements usually cover enormous assets such as vehicles, machinery, property, and land. They thus need a longer duration. Hire purchase agreements are the ideal choice for household or personal items such as smartphones, TV sets, household furniture, etc. Payments are thus made within a shorter duration when compared to lease agreements.


The Different Types Of Hire Purchase

When in the market for expensive assets, one of the best options you can make is choosing a hire purchase payment plan. There are many benefits that one enjoys when they opt for hire purchase.

One such benefit is that you will acquire the asset at just a fraction of the total cost. You are allowed to utilize it before you can make the full payment. At the end of the repayments, one will become the owner of the asset, unlike in the case of a lease agreement.

Forms Of Hire Purchase Agreements

There are two main types of hire purchase payment plans. The main difference occurs in how financing is obtained.

  • In the first type, the assets are purchased from the dealer by the financier. Afterward, the financier will negotiate with the customer to come up with the agreement. After the agreement, the customer is allowed to utilize the asset. The financier thus becomes the owner of the items purchased until the hire purchaser pays the last installment. The dealer gets the money from the financier. The financing agent in turn recovers the cost of the asset from the customer. In the case the buyer defaults on payment, the financier has the right to recover the asset.
  • In the second form of hire purchase, it is the customer that approaches the dealer for the assets they intend to purchase. They will enter into an agreement with the seller. After one pays the deposit, they have the chance to utilize the items purchased. However, transfer of ownership is completed after payment of the last installment. The vendor has the right to seize the assets or items in the case of non-payment.

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Hire purchase as a financing option

Hire purchase plans have become a common financing option in our modern times. Businesses, as well as individuals, prefer using hire purchase to buy new assets. The many benefits of hire purchase are the primary reason to utilize this financing option.

Areas of interest when signing a hire purchase plan

Regardless of the items, one wants to purchase, there is a need to ensure that you get the best hire purchase agreement. Here are some areas of concern before signing a given plan.

The asset you need to purchase

The quality, quantity, and condition of the assets you intend to purchase are part of the basic considerations. One should not purchase items on hire purchase just for the sake of it. It is always desirable that you buy items that you need. If you have a new home, purchase furniture, electronic gadgets, and kitchen appliances that you require. At Kenya Credit Traders Limited, there are a lot of items that we need in our homes, available on hire purchase terms. All our products come in perfect shape as we offer the best quality available on the market.

Ability to pay off the cost of the items

At times, hire purchase can be tempting to any person. The installments payment can tempt you to purchase items beyond your reach only to get difficulties when out to complete the payments. One needs to assess their income and frequency and ensure that it is possible to pay the installments when they are due. When one is unable to clear the payment, the seller has the right to repossess the assets, and you will lose payments you have already made.

The total cost of the assets

When buying household items on hire purchase, one is required to make a down payment before delivery is done. Afterward, you are required to make monthly installments as specified in your plan. The total cost includes the deposit and the installments. Since you are paying in installments, the seller also adds some interest. Before signing any hire purchase plan, ensure that you are getting value for your money.

Delivery and ownership transfer

The best hire purchase plans specify how delivery is done. Kenya Credit Traders Limited delivers all the items to the branch near you. The date to transfer the ownership also ought to be specified in the plan, as long as you have met all the set conditions.

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Adding a Smart TV to Your Living Room

Adding a TCL smart TV to your home is one of the best decisions you will make. Our mind feed on information and TVs serves this purpose. We get access to the latest happenings in our country through news updates.

Apart from access to news updates, choosing to invest smart TV in your home opens the door to a whole entertainment experience. They combine all the benefits that came with free-to-air TV sets, pay TV, and the unlimited potential of the internet.

Streaming content is also part of the primary benefits of smart TVs. You will have access to numerous streaming services and apps such as YouTube, and Netflix, among others, changing your whole TV experience.

Reasons to purchase TCL smart TVs


When in the market for a TV, there is no doubt the price is always a primary area of concern. One of the best reasons why TCL takes the market by storm is its affordability. By opting to purchase a TCL smart TV, you will enjoy high-quality displays. When compared to other TV brands on the market such as LG, Samsung, and Sony, TCL is the most affordable option.

TCL Smart TVs come in a variety of sizes. Whether you want a 32” HD smart TV or the 75” 8K QLED TV, the TCL brand is always the best option.

Kenya Credit Traders Limited allows you to purchase Smart TVs on hire purchase. You immediately get possession after paying the deposit.


If you are looking for a quality TV that adds life to your living room, consider buying the TCL smart TV. These smart TVs come with improved visual quality and acuity, as well as powerful processors, guaranteeing nothing but the most amazing images. The best part about TCL as a brand is that they prioritize audio quality. Some of the models will come with an integrated soundbar.

TCL smart TVs are highly rated by customers. They get the best reviews compared to other TV models.


You will not be short of options when out to find the right household furniture pieces for your home. Your home is without doubt your most valuable asset. Home is where you relax after a long day’s work. It is where family magic happens. It is thus vital to make it comfortable at all times. Investing in quality appliances, furniture, and even kitchen utensils are some of the ways to make your house a dream home.

From the local furniture shops to high-end retailers in major cities, one will always have choices. Here are some essential tips to guide you and make sure you only make the correct decisions.

  • Choose The Right Dealer

Finding the right dealer is the first step toward finding quality furniture for your home. You can only have a guarantee for top-notch services if you identify a reliable dealer. If you choose online traders such as Kenya Credit Traders, check reviews and testimonials on their website written by other customers. When other customers are content with the services offered, you are also likely to be satisfied by the services rendered.

  • Find Household Furniture Online

In modern times, online shopping is the way to go. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by visiting online stores. You will also save your money and time by choosing Kenya Credit Traders to deliver furniture for your home. When you purchase furniture online, you do not need to visit the store in person. You can view furniture pieces that are available online before placing your order. Whether you need a 4-seater Mahogany dining set, a 6-seater dining set, or a 6×6 mahogany bed, you only need to visit our store, place an order, and expect the delivery to a branch near you.

  • Buy Furniture On Hire Purchase

You might be on the market for furniture pieces to furnish your recently constructed home. One might also be looking for furniture after relocating to a more spacious house. This means that you might be low on cash. Hire purchase dealers allow you to acquire quality furniture for only a fraction of the total cost. You can clear the balance through monthly installments while using the furniture in your home.

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Are you in the market looking for the latest home electronics? You will never be short of options. Keep reading and learn some tricks to help you get quality the best deals on electronics in Kenya.

Your home is without doubt your most valuable asset. It is where we retire after all the hassles that come with our day-to-day activities. One thus needs to invest in making the home more comfortable. You can achieve this goal when you purchase the latest home electronics.

  • Consider finding electronics online

There is a shift from in-person shopping to online shopping in recent times. This can be attributed to many benefits that come with finding electronics at an online store such as Kenya Credit Traders Limited. One such benefit is that you can save time. You do not need to move from one electronics store to the other looking for the best home electronics to buy.

You only need to use your phone or laptop to place an order at our online store. The product you select from our store will be delivered to a branch near you. You can easily compare different products to identify the ideal one for your home. If you are looking for the best subwoofers, you will have a variety of options at our online store to choose from.

  • Focus on determining the best electronics dealer

The fear of falling to scammers is one of the reasons why some people are yet to embrace online shopping. It is vital to choose a trustworthy dealer since this is the first step a buyer takes toward finding quality home electronics. Check reviews, comments, and ratings on the dealer’s website before placing an order.

  • Choose the best deal

When buying electronics, do not only focus on savings. At times, cheap items are substandard. One should thus focus on getting value for your money. By choosing Kenya Credit Traders, you can enjoy hire purchase terms for any home electronics you need. This allows you to pay a deposit and collect your item. You can clear the balance in monthly installments.

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What is hire purchase?


Hire purchase is one of the payments methods available in the modern Kenyan market. If you are looking to purchase appliances, furniture, electronics, and other expensive assets for your home, the price might be a bit high. This means that one might be unable to purchase such products and pay all the required cash at once. Hire purchase allows you to pay a fraction of the total amount initially, known as a deposit or down payment. You will pay the remaining balance within a set duration, and in various installments. The deposit is paid initially when the product you require is delivered.

How Does A Hire Purchase Agreement Contract/Agreement Work?

If you opt to purchase a certain asset for your home using a hire purchase agreement, you will be required to pay the deposit but not the whole price. After paying your deposit, you will have the right to use the asset. However, the ownership of the asset remains with the seller. After one pays the down payment, one will need to pay the set installments with interest. The terms and conditions relating to the period of repayment are decided before one signs the agreement. The ownership of the appliance, furniture, or electronics will only be transferred when one completes paying the installments. This means that the asset can be repossessed by the seller if the buyer fails to pay the installments.

Types Of Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is usually divided into two categories

  • Industrial hire purchase: In this case, the assets are purchased by a company or a business. This usually involves purchasing high-end machinery.
  • Consumer high purchase: Kenya Credit Traders Limited specializes in this type of high purchase. It usually involves a consumer purchasing personal assets to furnish their home. Whether you need furniture, electronics, kitchen appliances, or other essential assets, this is the ideal payment method.

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