We require a variety of assets for our day to day activities in our homes or business. Determining the assets that we require might not be hardest task when compared to purchasing. When in the market to find the assets, you not only need to find the best dealers, but you also want to get the best deals. In modern times, there is increasing demand for hire purchase deals.

What is hire purchase?

Hire purchase is a form of credit agreement that allows you to hire high value assets such as cars, televisions, laptops or furniture and make payments in installments. In such cases, one acquires the items for use immediately after making the first payment. This payment is usually as low as 10% of the total cost of the item. However, one doesn’t become the owner of the item until they make the last payment. After paying the last installment, the title is transferred to the hirer.

Where to buy on hire purchase

In Kenya, hire purchase is becoming a favorite way to make payments for assets. Dubbed lipa mdogo mdogo or lipa pole pole, most people have adopted this payment mode for assets. However, not all the dealers have adopted this method of payment. Here are some ideas to help you find hire purchase dealers.

Finding hire purchase deals online

Most leading hire purchase dealers have websites available online. These companies acknowledge the increasing number of internet users. It is easy to find hire purchase dealers online. A simple search can for the assets helps you locate dealers available online. If you are looking to add furniture for your home, you can just search ‘Furniture on hire purchase in Kenya’.

Word of mouth is also one of the ways to find a reliable hire purchase company in Kenya. If you have a friend, colleague or relative that acquired assets through hire purchase, they can help you acquire similar assets by recommending a hire purchase company that gave them the best shopping experience.

What to keep in mind when buying on hire purchase

Not every company offers quality services when you utilize them. It is thus vital to check the reputation of the hire purchase company you are about to settle for. A company getting high rating from their customers is the best bet. One also needs to find a company that has been around for some years.

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