Adding a 90L fridge to your kitchen space is one of the ways to enhance the quality of life in your home. There are plenty of benefits a 90L fridge brings to your home when you choose to invest in one. One such benefit is that you can keep your food products fresh. Vegetables and other farm produce that are perishable require preservation and a fridge does the job for you. You do not have to incur losses when your food supplies spoil as a result of a lack of proper preservation.

Adding a fridge for your home or office also helps you keep your drinks cool. This is usually helpful during the hot summers. Taking a cool drink way not only helps refresh your body, but also helps you stay active. Finding a 90L fridge doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here are some useful tips from KCT to help you when investing in one.

90-Litre Fridge Buying Guide

·         Layout

When purchasing a 90L fridge, one of the aspects to keep in mind is the layout. 90L fridges come with either a single door or double doors. Depending on the items you plan to preserve in your fridge, ensure that the layout of the fridge you select is perfect for your kitchen.

·         Energy efficiency

There are numerous brands and models for one to choose from when in the market for a 90L fridge. These different models do not offer the same level of energy efficiency. No one wants to invest in a refrigerator that causes a rise in their electricity bills. Find out the energy efficiency rating of the brand or model you intend to purchase before investing.

·         Cost

Without a doubt, one will always have a budget when looking to purchase a 90L fridge for their home. Different models come at different costs, depending on the features of the refrigerator. Cheap models might not be efficient, while expensive models do not always guarantee quality. One needs to ensure they get value for their money.

·         Payment options

When looking to purchase a fridge, it is also essential to check the payment options available to you. When you do not have all the cash to purchase a fridge, you can find stores that sell them on hire purchase terms, such as Kenya Credit Traders. Purchasing with KCT on hire purchase terms helps spread the cost over a long period, allowing you to free cash for other expenses.

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