Commercial blenders are not created equal. You will have a broad variety of blenders to choose from when in the market to find one. Having so many options can complicate the process of finding the best one. Here are some useful tips to guide you and help you make the right decisions.

Types of blenders

Before one ventures into the market to purchase blenders, there is a need to define their use. Identifying what you will be blending makes the process of finding the ideal blender easier. Commercial blenders are usually categorized into two main types; bar blenders and food blenders.

Bar blenders are the ideal option if you are looking to make smoothies or blended cocktails. Most of these blenders come with high enough horsepower for your blending and a simple on/off switch.

Food blenders, on the other hand, handle more functions, unlike bar blenders. The food blenders can emulsify ingredients for dressings or sauce, chop fresh vegetables for salsa and even grind grains into flour.

Types of blender containers

The blender container is a vital part of the appliance, and it can be made of one of these three materials: glass, polycarbonate, and stainless steel. Stainless steel containers are the most durable, considering that they don’t crack with ease. They can also handle a wide range of temperatures. Polycarbonate blender containers are not only lightweight, but they are also virtually indestructible material. The fact that they are also transparent makes them the most popular option in the market.

Blender power

The reason you are purchasing a blender allows you to find the ideal power. For customers looking for large foodservice operations, you need blenders with higher horsepower then in the case of a person buying a blender to use at home.


The capacity of the commercial blenders is arguably one of the overlooked factors. The size of the container determines the capacity of drinks that you can make in a single batch. Finding the right size will help minimize waste and even save your time.

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