Every customer in the market for any given product wants a reliable dealer that delivers quality products and services. Finding a reputable trader is especially important in the case of a hire purchase deal. A hire purchase agreement will take months or even years, and this means you will need a dealer that listens to your needs. Here’s how Kenya Credit Traders delivers to their customers.

·        We ensure you understand how hire purchase works

Any financial decision that one makes affects them in the short and long term. While hire purchase offers you a convenient route to acquire items that your home needs, it has benefits and shortcomings too. Most customers avoid hire purchase contracts fearing hidden charges and penalties that come as a result of not understanding how these agreements work. At Kenya Credit Traders, we ensure that our customers understand the hire purchase jargon before committing. You can also learn a lot about hire purchase deals on our blog.

·        We make shopping convenient

At Kenya Credit Traders, we make shopping more convenient for our customers by helping them determine products available at our shops online. Visit our website and view different items available on hire purchase terms.

·        We only deliver quality products

It is not only the quality of the services that matters but also the quality of the products a customer acquires when purchasing. The market is flooded with counterfeit products and when one is not keen, they will end up purchasing such products. Most customers looking for cheaper deals end up in this trap. In the end, one spends much more money replacing and repairing such assets. At KCT, we assure our clients about the quality of our products. You only get quality products that will serve you for years.

·        We value your feedback

Another technique how Kenya Credit Traders delivers on their promises is listening to feedback from customers. We value ratings, testimonials, and reviews that clients provide when they shop with us. This helps us improve the quality of services that we offer. Clients can provide their views physically at our branches countrywide. One can also drop their comments, and complaints through our Facebook page, Kenya Credit Traders.