Consumers are always in the market to find quality products and services. One of the best feelings for any buyer is having options. A wide variety of options will increase your chances of getting a deal that suits your needs. Price is not the only factor a consumer should focus on. The quality of products, affordability, payment methods, financing, and other factors are also worth consideration. In our post, we will determine how Kenya’s Credit Traders provide customers with options in today’s market.

Hire Purchase as An Alternative to Cash Purchase

The norm for most customers is to have all cash and purchase products outright. However, cash purchases have benefits as well as limitations. One of the major benefits of purchasing products outright is that one immediately becomes the owner. Consequently, the buyer has control over the product. They can utilize the products as they wish and even resell them. However, there are some limitations for cash purchases. One such limitation is that a buyer always has limited options depending on their money. If, for example, a buyer intends to purchase a smart TV, they will have to settle for low-quality ones or even downgrade to a digital TV if they do not have enough cash.

Hire purchase is an alternative for buyers in the market for products. In the case of a hire purchase, you do not pay for products outright. The buyer only needs to pay a fraction of the cost as a deposit to take home the product. After paying the down payment, one acquires the products, but they do not assume ownership of the products immediately. The total cost is cleared by payment through installments, and the buyer only becomes the owner after the last payment.

KCT Diverse Hire purchase options

Hire purchase dealers such as Kenya Credit Traders offer options for buyers in the market for household goods. One of the ways a buyer experiences KCT’s diverse hire purchase options is through a wide variety of products available on hire purchase. Kenya Credit Traders sells household furniture, electronics, kitchen appliances, building materials, bicycles, and other products on hire purchase terms. If you are looking to upgrade your home, visit their website and find out different products available on hire purchase.

The best part about KCT is that the deposit amount is as low as 15% of the total cost. The installments are also set to suit your needs as a customer.