Financial freedom and inclusivity are all about ensuring that there is an equal opportunity for customers to acquire products or services. This is the prime goal of Kenya Credit Trader’s deposit initiatives or hire purchase agreements.

Hire purchase deals help enhance affordability by ensuring even individuals without the capability to purchase items outright have access. With a hire purchase deal, buyers only pay a fraction of the cost as a down payment. In this post we will discuss the inclusivity of Kenya Credit Traders in 2024 and how you can take advantage of their friendly deposit initiative.

How The 15% Deposit Initiative Works

When in the market to improve your home through purchasing quality household items, the hire purchase deals at Kenya Credit Traders are worth considering. There are plenty of items on sale on hire purchase terms at KCT. One can view the different categories of items on their website.

After determining the items you require for your home, all that you need is a visit to a KCT branch. At the branch, one gets the chance to learn more about the hire purchase agreement. The best part about Kenya Credit Traders is that they have branches all over the country.

The first step towards acquiring the assets you require for your home is paying a deposit. This is just a fraction of the total cost. In the case of KCT deals, the deposit is as low as 15% of the total cost. The balance is spread out into flexible repayments.

How to benefit from the Inclusivity of Kenya Credit Traders in 2024

Kenya Credit Traders’ primary aim is to enhance inclusivity. Through the hire purchase deals, buyers can acquire furniture, kitchen appliances, electronics, and other household items. One doesn’t need to wait until they save enough. After paying 15% of the cost of the items, one acquires them for their use. This has greatly enhanced inclusivity by ensuring that even middle-income earners access quality products. No homeowner should settle for cheap and low-quality household items considering that quality items are available on hire purchase terms. Hire purchase agreements enhance affordability.

The 15% deposit scheme is about offering financial freedom. Hire purchase deals come with fixed repayments throughout the repayment period. This means that the hirer can easily plan their finances by opting to acquire items on hire purchase terms.