Every homeowner who has invested in home appliances will be keen to protect them from damage. A fridge protector is an essential addition if you recently invested in a fridge. When you consider the worth of your fridge, TV, microwave, or washer, you will be eager to find a guard to protect them from electrical surges.

Considerations when out to purchase a fridge guard

You will not lack options when looking for the best fridge protectors to purchase. However, every homeowner wants to get value for their money, and here are some crucial considerations.

1.      Wattage

The primary purpose of the fridge protector is to protect your refrigerator from a power surge or instances of low voltage. It is thus essential to find a fridge guard that can handle heavy power loads. Checking the wattage rating of the guard is the best way to learn if it can handle the power requirements of your refrigerator. The higher the wattage rating of a given guard the better protection it offers to your fridge due to better power output.

2.      Delay timer

Most surge protectors in modern times come with a delay timer function which is very essential. The primary purpose of the delay timer is to ensure that your fridge doesn’t start up right away after an electric surge. This function is useful, especially in the case of multiple electrical surges. The best fridge guards come with at least a half a minute delay.

3.      Warranty

While the basic reason you are purchasing a fridge protector is to protect your fridge from a power surge, it should also be reliable and durable. The best fridge guard should be able to withstand electrical surges. The best brands usually offer a warranty for surge protectors.

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