A television is one asset that is beneficial to any homeowner or a business owner. Almost everyone has invested in one, or at least they are planning to. When in the market for one, you want to make only the right decisions. It is essential to find the right model, brand, size, and at the right price.

Payment Options for TVs In Kenya

Most people looking for TVs only consider purchasing them in cash. This means that one has to pay the cash amount in full to acquire the TV for their home or business. While this might be convenient for small TVs, it is not the same case for larger TVs. Smart and digital TVs of 32’’ screen size and above will cost you at least KSH 20,000. Larger sizes cost more than Ksh 100,000. This might take you some time to save considering that you have other needs. Even when you have the cash, you might have to overlook other expenses to acquire one. This can cause an imbalance in your finances.

Hire purchase, or lipa pole pole is one of the best payment plans you can utilize in modern times. You will only need a fraction of the total cost of the TV to acquire it. Leading dealers in Kenya, such as Kenya Credit Traders, require you to deposit around 10% of the total cost. You will spread the cost over several months by paying monthly installments. On paying the last installment, you will become the owner of the TV.

Benefits Of Hire Purchase TVs In Kenya

One of the advantages of purchasing a TV through hire purchase is that you will acquire the TV immediately. You do not have to wait until you save all the cash to acquire the TV. After paying the deposit, you acquire the TV.

Another reason to consider hire purchase TVs is the ability to spread the cost. Payment is made in installments, allowing you to have better control over your finances.

It is also advisable to consider hire purchase TVs instead of taking a term loan to purchase the TV in cash. Hire purchase agreements come with fixed interest rates, unlike in the case of loans where interest rates are subject to regulation from the Central Bank of Kenya.

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