Investing in quality furniture is the dream of every homeowner. Finding the best furniture not only enhances the aesthetics of your living space but also makes the space more comfortable. Your home’s value is also set to increase after acquiring your dream furniture.

One will never lack options when in the Kenyan market for furniture. You can find plenty of furniture shops in your locality as well as online stores. However, the different furniture stores do not provide the same quality of services. In our post, we will determine how one can furnish a home using hire purchase furniture.

What is hire purchase furniture

Most buyers usually pay for items they need in cash. However, this is not always possible, especially for high-value items such as home furniture. It is thus vital that one learns other available options. One such option is a hire purchase agreement.

Hire purchase agreements suit homeowners in need of items but do not intend to pay in cash. In this arrangement, one pays a fraction of the cost and spreads out the balance in several months. There are plenty of benefits of hire purchase agreements.

Acquiring Furniture on Hire Purchase Terms At KCT

Hire purchase is a leading financing option in Kenya. One of the leading hire purchase companies, Kenya Credit Traders, has a variety of furniture pieces you can add to your home. These include sofa sets, mahogany beds, double-decker beds, coffee sets, wall units, and TV stands. Whether you are looking to furnish a new home or you require to upgrade the current one, you will have plenty of furniture options to choose from when you choose KCT.

Why choose KCT for home furniture

The number one benefit of choosing KCT is the chance to spread the cost. To acquire your dream furniture, one requires only 10% of the total cost. The balance is paid in installments.

It is also advisable to purchase furniture on hire purchase terms to enjoy low-interest rates. Unlike other financing options, hire purchase contracts have fixed interest rates. This means that the total cost of furniture doesn’t change throughout the contract.

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