Hire purchase is one of the best financing options in the Kenyan market. Buyers looking for high-value assets such as cars, furniture, and electronic gadgets find hire purchase a favorable method of acquiring them. However, to enjoy quality services, one needs to find a trusted name in the hire purchase business.

Why opt to hire purchase?

Most buyers choose cash purchases when buying items, but this comes with some downsides, especially in the case of high-value items. Take an example of purchasing an Android TV. A good smart or Android TV will cost you an average of Ksh 50000. Spending such an amount at once will mean that you spend your savings or even your entire salary. This leaves you without money to spend in the case of an emergency.

On the other hand, if you choose a hire purchase, you have a chance to spread the cost. At Kenya Credit Traders, when one purchases an Android TV, we spread the cost up to 20 months. Since you will be paying a small amount of cash every month, you will be left with enough cash for all other expenses, while you have your dream TV in your home.

Why choose Kenya credit traders?

Before choosing any hire purchase dealer, one wants to ensure that they will enjoy quality services. This will require the buyer to spend some time and effort determining a reliable hire purchase trader. Here are some vital considerations.

The number one factor to check in a hire purchase dealer is whether they have the necessary licensing. Do not transact with any hire purchase dealer that doesn’t have the necessary licenses from government agencies to offer the services. If a trader is licensed, it is an indication that they offer their services within the set regulations. Kenya Credit Traders is a trusted name in the hire purchase industry, with more than 50 shops around the country. They have the necessary licenses which guarantee that you will enjoy good services when working with them.

The reputation of a hire purchase dealer is also a vital consideration before opting to purchase from them. Invest some effort and time checking online reviews to determine the quality of services the dealer has provided to their past clients. You can find out some testimonials from our past clients here on our social media page.