A refrigerator is one of the appliances that one requires in a kitchen. There are many benefits to experience when you add a fridge to your kitchen. We need a fridge to keep our foodstuff fresh and prevent spoiling which can lead to wastage. Most farm produce is perishable, and we need to preserve them well to avoid loss from wastage. A fridge can also keep your family refreshed by ensuring that cool drinks and water are available to your family at any given time.

Acquiring A 90L Fridge on Hire Purchase

When out to purchase a fridge, one will be eager to learn the financing options. In most cases, one might intend to save enough cash to purchase a fridge. However, this might mean that you will have to wait until you save adequate funds. Another option involves taking a term loan to finance the purchase of a 90L fridge. The downside of loans is that they come with high interest rates. The best option when you do not have cash but you need a fridge is to find a hire purchase dealer such as Kenya Credit Traders. Hire purchase allows you to acquire a fridge at just a fraction of the cost and you will clear the balance in the form of installments.

Maximizing The Hire Purchase Value of Your Fridge

When you invest in a fridge, there is a need to take proper care of it. This will not only ensure efficiency, but it also keeps the value of your fridge high. Here are some useful tips for maintaining your fridge.

1.      Always close the refrigerators door quickly

Every time when you open the fridge it is advisable to close the door quickly. Keeping the door open for a long duration can lead to the fridge losing the ambient temperature. This makes it hard to cool items inside the fridge and in turn, leads to higher power consumption and electricity bills. Also, check the gasket sealing the door and ensure it is sealed properly to avoid cold air leaking.

2.      Arrange and cover any items in your fridge properly

It is advisable to cover food and other things in plastic containers with security fitting tops. This is useful in reducing moisture inside the fridge and preventing odors and funny smells. Arranging items ensures you can remove them faster, thus saving time when opening the door, leading to higher energy efficiency.

3.      Avoid blocking vents inside the fridge

It is essential to have adequate clearance between vents when storing items in a fridge. This makes it possible for cool air to pass through and also increases the efficiency of the fridge.

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