Microwave ovens are a welcome addition to any kitchen due to the convenience that they offer. There are plenty of benefits that they offer. These appliances allow you to quickly heat or reheat your food. They come with a design that utilizes radio waves to evenly heat your food and are environmentally friendly since they do have any harmful emissions as is the case with conventional ovens. Modern microwaves are also easy to install and use.

Top tips to help you find the best microwave oven to purchase

You will always have options when looking to purchase a microwave. However, different models offer different experiences when purchased. Here are considerations to ensure that you only purchase the right model for your home.

1.      Size

There is a need to determine the amount of space available in your kitchen before investing in a microwave. At Kenya Credit Traders Limited, we have a range of countertop microwaves. These models will almost fit in any kitchen, considering that they offer flexibility. To determine the right size to invest in, you need to identify the type of food you typically cook in a microwave. Our 20L Microwave ovens are the most popular for shoppers as they can serve a family of up to four members comfortably.

2.      Wattage

Wattage determines the rate at which the microwaves cook your food. Microwave ovens that have high wattage are likely to cook food faster and also more evenly. Microwaves with wattage between 700 and 1000 watts are the ideal option as they cook your food well and are also reliable.

3.      Brand

Before you invest in any oven, you will need to ensure that it is reliable. Checking reviews online is the ideal way to determine whether a given brand you intend to invest in is reliable. Ramtons brand is one of the trusted brands in Kenya due to its reliability and longevity.

4.      Cost and payment options

You will always have a budget when in the market for a microwave. Cheap microwave ovens might compromise quality, but this doesn’t mean that you overpay to purchase one. Always ensure that you get value for your money.

Kenya Credit Traders Limited is the best shop for kitchen appliances. We offer hire purchase payment terms and this allows you to own a Microwave at just a fraction of the total cost.

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