There is a wide variety of household items that we need in our day-to-day activities. We need kitchen appliances to ensure that we can make meals with ease and keep them fresh. We also need TVs, home theaters, sub-woofers, and other home entertainment devices to keep our homes lively. Most importantly, we need household furniture to make our living space functional. All these household items are beneficial.

Hire purchase on household items

When it is certain that we require all these household items, they are not cheap. Most of the household items cost thousands or even tens of thousands to acquire. While some homeowners prefer cash purchases, it is not always possible. That’s why it is essential to consider a hire purchase deal for some of the items.

Hire purchase is a sales agreement that allows you to acquire and use items at a fraction of the total cost. One only needs to pay a deposit and have the items delivered to them. To pay the full cost of the items, the balance is divided into installments. The installments can be daily, weekly, or monthly payments depending on the hire purchase terms.

Why do we stand out in hire purchase for household items

If you are in the Kenyan market looking for quality household items, Kenya Credit Traders is your ideal dealer. There are plenty of reasons to consider us when purchasing home furniture, electronics, appliances, and other essential items.

1.      Quality assurance

One of the reasons homeowners prefer hire purchase terms to acquire items is the chance to acquire high-quality assets. Quality household goods can be expensive but hire purchase allows you to acquire them by spreading the cost. At Kenya Credit Traders we acknowledge the need to acquire high-quality assets. We provide you with items from trusted brands thus enhancing their reliability.

2.      A broad range of items to choose from

We understand that the needs vary from one customer to the other. However, we will always have an item that suits your needs. Visit our website for a broad variety of items that are available on hire purchase terms. When you choose the items you need, and sign the hire purchase agreement, we will deliver at a town near you.

3.      Reliability

Without a doubt, the reputation of a hire purchase dealer is always part of the considerations before choosing them. Kenya Credit Traders has been in the hire purchase industry for years and we understand the needs of customers. You can expect top-notch services when you choose us.