Every homeowner has a dream living space. However, achieving the dream living space can be a daunting task, unless one finds a proper strategy to adopt. Renovations, remodeling, and other construction projects can prove expensive to accomplish. To add to construction, homeowners also need to invest in appliances, electronics, household furniture, and other items to achieve the dream space. These items can be expensive, and the high inflation and current economic environment only make them unaffordable. In this post, we will discuss the path to ownership through hire purchase with KCT. Also, we will discuss how homeowners can utilize it to realize their dream living space.

Hire Purchase With KCT

Hire purchase deals or agreements are purchase contracts aiming at making items affordable. In a hire purchase agreement, a dealer allows a buyer only to pay a fraction of the cost of the items they intend to purchase. This payment is commonly referred to as a deposit or a down payment. The best part about the path to ownership through hire purchase with KCT is that you only need a modest 15% deposit. With a hire purchase, you eliminate the necessity to pay for items up front.

Once one pays the down payment, they acquire the assets for use. If you need quality furniture for your home, once you sign the agreement and pay the deposit, the furniture is delivered to a shop near you. After the delivery, you will start paying installments to clear the cost of items. The installments are flexible and are set to suit you as the buyer.

The best part about hire purchase with KCT is that the buyer becomes the owner of the items at the end of the agreement. Throughout the hire purchase deal, the dealer owns the assets. The buyer is known as the hirer during this period. However, when one makes the last payment, the hire purchase transfers the title to the buyer, thus making them the owner.

Why Consider 15% Down Payment Hire Purchase Deal With KCT

Hire purchase is one of the most favorable ways to acquire and own assets. By lowering the deposit percentage to as low as 15%, it is possible to purchase almost any household item. The chance to pay in installments also means spreading the cost. This improves cash flow and gives you control over your finances.

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