A refrigerator is one of the appliances we require in our homes to enhance our quality of life. There are plenty of benefits one can expect if they invest in a quality 90L refrigerator. One such benefit is food preservation. Most farm produce and kitchen products are perishable and the only way to keep them fresh is to have a fridge. Another big benefit of owning a refrigerator is that they help us cool our drinks. Nothing feels better than a cool glass of water or any other beverage during the hot and scorching summers. One feels refreshed and ready to handle the tasks at hand.

Hire purchase guide for 90L fridge

Whether you are looking to purchase your first fridge or you are looking to upgrade the current one, one of the aspects you need to keep in mind is the payment options available to you. In the past, most dealers have only accepted cash payments for high-value assets. However, in current times, it is possible to acquire appliances and other household assets on hire purchase contracts.

Leading hire purchase dealers such as Kenya Credit Traders make it possible to acquire a 90L fridge even when you do not have all the cash for a cash sale. Under a hire purchase agreement, one only requires a fraction of the total cost of the 90L fridge. After paying a fraction of the total cost, you acquire the fridge and you are allowed to use it. The remaining cost of the asset is paid in the form of installments.

Benefits of hire purchase for a 90L fridge

One of the pros of a hire purchase agreement for a 90L fridge is that you can acquire it at just a fraction of the total cost. With as low as 10% of the total cost, you can acquire the fridge for use in your home. However, the ownership of the fridge is transferred from the hire purchase dealer to the buyer after paying all the installments.

Another benefit of a hire purchase arrangement when purchasing a fridge is that you spread the cost. At times, it is impossible to raise all the money to make a cash purchase. When you opt for a hire purchase, you have the chance to spread the cost of the fridge over a long duration. This frees you some cash that you can use for other expenses in your home.

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