Homeowners in the market for essential household items want to find out their options. Every buyer wants to find a deal that is convenient to them. The best deal is not the one that saves you a lot of money. A good deal should help you purchase quality assets at the right price. This ensures that one enjoys value for their money. Cash purchases do not always favor middle-income earners. The tough economic times characterized by high taxes, low income, and high cost of living means that most individuals make little or no savings.

15% Deposit Schemes with Kenya Credit Traders

One of the best alternatives to cash purchases is acquiring assets on hire purchase terms. A hire purchase agreement involves acquiring assets by only paying a down payment. This is a fraction of the cost of the items. Kenya Credit Traders require as little as 15% of the total cost to deliver household items to the buyer. The balance is spread out in the form of periodic payments. Hire purchase is also referred to as lipa pole pole or lipa mdogo mdogo in Kenya.

Benefits of 15% Deposit Schemes with Kenya Credit Traders

There are plenty of benefits that come with hire purchase schemes to the consumers. Here are some of the major benefits.

·         Convenience

One of the biggest reasons to embrace hire purchase agreements is convenience. Hire purchases make it easier to acquire expensive assets without waiting until one has saved enough cash for the assets. With a 15% down payment, one acquires the assets and is even allowed to use them. Items that would be unaffordable to buyers in the case of cash purchases become affordable and accessible through high purchase deals.

·         Spread the cost

Hire purchase schemes allow the buyer to spread the cost over a period. After paying the down payment, the rest of the payment is divided into installments. The installments are affordable and flexible, depending on your financial needs and capability.

·         Own the assets at the end of the agreement

Unlike leasing, a hire purchase agreement allows you to become the owner of the assets at the end of the contract. Once all the installments are paid, the title is transferred to the hirer by the dealer.

·         Return the assets if you no longer need them

With some hire purchase deals, the buyer has an opportunity to end the agreement if they no longer require them. This makes it convenient for the homeowners as they do not end up stuck with items they do not need. You will also avoid making expensive payments for such items, thus saving you some money.

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