Consumers in the market for household items are keen to find the best deal. The best deal doesn’t necessarily mean cheap items. However, one should acquire items that give them value for their money. In modern times, consumers do not only settle for cash purchases. Hire purchase deals are also worth considering since they enhance affordability and unlock consumers purchasing power.

Hire Purchase Vs Cash Purchase

Hire purchase offers a different approach to consumer purchases in comparison to cash purchases. Customers are usually limited to a few options in the case of cash purchases, considering that they ought to pay upfront for items they require. On the other hand, hire purchase deals offer customers a wide variety of options.

When you choose a hire purchase deal, the first step involves determining the items you require. If you are looking for household items, dealers such as Kenya Credit Traders have an online catalog on their website. This allows you to find the items from the comfort of your home. The second step will involve visiting the shop physically to sign the contract. After signing the agreement, one pays a deposit and acquires the items for use. The balance is spread out in installments, which can be daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the hire purchase agreement.

How Flexible Hire Purchase and A 15% Down Payment Unlocks Purchasing Power

Hire purchase increases affordability for different assets. Consumers who do not have enough cash do not have to settle for low-quality assets. The primary requirement for a hire purchase is the down payment. With the best credit traders such as KCT accepting as low as 15% of the total cost as the down payment, acquiring almost any asset for use in your home is possible.

The repayments to complete paying for the assets are also flexible. The hire purchase dealer works with you to find a payment plan for your income. This makes hire purchase the most favorable way to pay for items.

Flexible hire purchase and a 15% down payment helps unlock purchasing power for most homeowners in modern days. Items that were not affordable to homeowners are now affordable since they do not pay upfront. Unlike leasing, where one doesn’t own the items at any point, with a hire purchase, you own the assets after making the last payment to the dealer.

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