Adding a Smart TV to Your Living Room

Adding a TCL smart TV to your home is one of the best decisions you will make. Our mind feed on information and TVs serves this purpose. We get access to the latest happenings in our country through news updates.

Apart from access to news updates, choosing to invest smart TV in your home opens the door to a whole entertainment experience. They combine all the benefits that came with free-to-air TV sets, pay TV, and the unlimited potential of the internet.

Streaming content is also part of the primary benefits of smart TVs. You will have access to numerous streaming services and apps such as YouTube, and Netflix, among others, changing your whole TV experience.

Reasons to purchase TCL smart TVs


When in the market for a TV, there is no doubt the price is always a primary area of concern. One of the best reasons why TCL takes the market by storm is its affordability. By opting to purchase a TCL smart TV, you will enjoy high-quality displays. When compared to other TV brands on the market such as LG, Samsung, and Sony, TCL is the most affordable option.

TCL Smart TVs come in a variety of sizes. Whether you want a 32” HD smart TV or the 75” 8K QLED TV, the TCL brand is always the best option.

Kenya Credit Traders Limited allows you to purchase Smart TVs on hire purchase. You immediately get possession after paying the deposit.


If you are looking for a quality TV that adds life to your living room, consider buying the TCL smart TV. These smart TVs come with improved visual quality and acuity, as well as powerful processors, guaranteeing nothing but the most amazing images. The best part about TCL as a brand is that they prioritize audio quality. Some of the models will come with an integrated soundbar.

TCL smart TVs are highly rated by customers. They get the best reviews compared to other TV models.