Most people looking for hire purchase options do not really know the provisions of such agreements. They either make mistakes or fail to capitalise on some very important benefits. Perhaps the most common arrangements are check-off arrangement and straight hire purchase.While both systems have their own advantages and benefits, this article focuses on a check-off system. Read on to understand the benefits and then take advantage of them today. An educated shopper is an intelligent buyer.

Introduction to Check-off Arrangement

Just as the name suggests, this is a hire purchase option that has your paycheck linked to it. In simple terms, installments for the bought item are deducted from your salary. All you need to do is to discuss with your employer and vendor and make a prudent decision. For example, know exactly how much money will be deducted from your salary per month.Traders are known to be mischievous and you do not want to fall into their trap. Once you provide them with a payslip, your identification card and a guarantor, you are ready to purchase.

Affordability and Convenience

A check-off arrangement is perhaps one of the most convenient ways of paying for hire purchase items. As long as you are salaried or you have a stable source of income, you qualify for this arrangement.You will not have to physically go to the shop to pay installment. Instead, your employer or bank will channel the funds to the vendor’s account conveniently. Trusted vendors such as Kenya Credit Traders Limited can facilitate statements so that you know the status of your payment.

Gives Peace of Mind

The fact that you have a salary at the end of each month is great. In addition, buying items straight from your salary offers some peace of mind. In fact, you will work hard at work knowing that loss of employment will mean loss of the goods or items bought under hire purchase.

You have a Guarantor

A guarantor is someone or some organisation that underwrites your ability to pay for the goods needed. These are usually people close to you such as family members, work colleagues and employers. Knowing that you have someone to go to when finances are hard to come by is a welcome relief. However, do not misuse this sense of security to your advantage and at the expense of the guarantor. If you default payments, both of you will lose assets anyway.

Flexible Purchase and Delivery

This advantage does not only apply to a check-off arrangement, but also to other hire purchase options. Anyway we decided to include it here because of the weight that it carries. In addition, leading franchise such as Kenya Credit Traders Limited allows you to pay for an item at one shop and then pick it up at another shop. Having understood the benefits and advantages of the check-off system, is it not the time to start buying items that you need?